Step 2

Step 2: The DesignDetails on bespoke wedding dress flowers birds

This is the exciting bit! We’ll take the drawing we made at your initial consultation and go into more detail. Remember, you can have your dress exactly how you want it. If you loved the shape of Kate Moss’ dress, but would like a bit of colour like Gwen Stefani mixed with the style of Grace Kelly, then that’s what you can have!

It’s at this stage that we’ll talk details. I love creating features like birds, flowers or butterflies using techniques such as free embroidery or ribbon manipulation. Any embellishments you would like included in your dress can be discussed and we’ll work together to make it happen!

We’ll also look at fabric samples and decide exactly what your dress will be made from, as well as what it’ll look like. From silk dupion to the most intricate lace, we’ll look through samples and find your ideal material. ¬†We’ll also drink lots more tea!

By the end of this meeting you’ll be able to picture yourself in your custom-made wedding dress!

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