Step 1: The Initial ConsultationFashion drawing of wedding dress

Either at my home or at The White Room in Bothwell, we’ll have a cup of tea and a chat. If you have a strong vision about what you want your dress to look like then we’ll get straight to designing. If you’re less sure we can have a flick through some magazines and start forming a few ideas! Feel free to bring along anything that you think will help inspire the look of your dress, from a magazine cut-out to a favourite pair of shoes – we want your dress to reflect your personality so anything goes!

I’ll have my sketch pad and, together, we’ll create an image of what your dream wedding dress could look like. You’re welcome to invite any members of your family or bridesmaids if your would like them to pitch in with their ideas.

Following this meeting I’ll also be able to send you a quote based on what we think your finished dress will be.