Custom-made Steampunk wedding dress

By Bec

One favourite custom-made wedding dress from 2015

Another personal highlight from this past year has to be this little ‘steampunk fairy’ wedding dress.  When Carolyn came to visit me at first, she had a very clear vision of what she wanted her wedding and her dress to look like. Steampunk was to be the theme of the day and the whole wedding party would be kitted out accordingly. (For those of you who are unaware of the term ‘steampunk’, think Victorian, industrial revolution style meets fantasy, sci-fi!)

For her bridal wear, Carolyn wanted her dress to be like a fairy, but not the sugarplum variety! This particular fairy, on her fantasy flight through the steampunk world, would collide with bushes, flowers and other various objects. The resulting dress would be shabby-chic, using a variety of colours, fabrics and details of flowers and leaves. Industrial cogs, buttons and keys would also be woven throughout the dress.  After a few sketches we settled on a final design and then it was on to the making process.

Carolyn’s wedding dress was brought together nicely by the addition of her jewellery, hand made by Kirsty McGowan, and also a cracking set of wings! Kirsty also kindly provided some flowers that were used in the detail. I have to say, I had a lot of fun working on this dress. It was so unique and really caused me to think creatively. The style was so interesting, but most importantly, it reflected the bride and groom’s personalities perfectly.  Well done to Carolyn on her amazing vision. It looked like an amazing day.

(Spot Hilda, Carolyn’s mum-in-law,

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