Bespoke Wedding Dress Inspiration

By Bec

Bespoke Wedding Dress Inspiration

Well it has taken me a ridiculously long time, but I am finally prioritising some blogs into my work schedule. I thought I’d squeeze this one in before baby 3 comes along!

And what better way to start than with the way I also start my design process – with some inspiration! As a bespoke dress designer, the majority of the dresses I work on are developed from a starting theme or inspiration that brides have thought about before we meet. Sometimes though, I will spot something that sets my mind to thinking of how I could incorporate that particular thing into a dress design. This could be anything from the colours of the sky, to a fabric pattern, or even current fashion. A point to note though, when taking inspiration from current fashion, care must be taken not to simply copy a current dress. That’s just stealing!

I hope to bring you a series of blogs with some examples of things that have inspired me and the design ideas that my little brain has come up with.

This first one is from a little necklace holder I have in the shape and style of a mannequin. The lace used as a feature on the body looks oversized (due to the size of the body itself).


I thought this could make a pretty cool feature on a life sized dress, so here’s a quick sketch I drew up with an idea of what this could look like.

I wanted to make a prominent feature of the giant lace so I kept the cut and the neckline pretty simple. Not willing to settle for anything too plain, however, I thought why not mix things up a bit around the hem line with an asymmetrical chiffon to show a little bit of leg?!

Custom made wedding dress

I’d love to explore this design further so if anyone fancies something along these lines for your own wedding, let me know and we can chat over a coffee!

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