One bespoke wedding dress highlight from last year

By Bec

Bespoke Wedding Dress: Last Year’s Highlights

Looking back on the dresses I have had the pleasure of making this past year, there are some that definitely stand out for me, for various reasons. Here is the beautiful and classy Rachel in her tartan and lace full-bodied bespoke wedding dress.

With the majority of wedding dresses I work on, the design process is usually a collaboration of ideas from myself and the bride. Rachel is a costume and set designer in London and she had amazing ideas herself. The design of this dress was mainly her idea and the result, I think, was awesome!

The tartan used here is from the Isle of Man and can only be sourced from a wooden mill on the island (where Rachel is originally from) and so this dress seemed, not only totally unique, but also very personal to her.  This, coupled with the fact that her and her sisters were super nice, made it a very special piece to work on!

ZOE_2456 ZOE_4073 ZOE_4104 Custom made wedding dress

Photos courtesy of Photos By Zoe

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